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Digital Landscape in Cambodia



16.83M (2021)

Source: World Bank


Mobile Connection

19.5M (2022)

Source: Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia


Internet User

18M users (2022)

Source: Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia

Cambodia’s Access to Internet, Mobile Phone and Social Media in 2021



Number of people having access to internet



Number of devices being used in Cambodia



Number of people using social media

Source: World Development Indicator and Data Reportal

Digital Literacy Situation in Cambodia

Financial Literacy


Of people over 18 years old

NBC's FDR, 2021

Digital Literacy


Among high school and university students and young working group

* This number does not define digital literacy for people over 18 years old.

UNDP, 2020

Source: Digital Literacy for Employability and Enterpreneurship among Cambodia Youth, 2020

The Use of MSME’s Digital Technology Situation in Cambodia

36% of MSME used digital tools before Covid-19.

45% of MSME used digital last year.

67% of MSME used Facebook apps.

66% of MSME used Facebook. To help them adapt to the Covid-19 enviroment.

73% of MSME reported that digital were important to keeping their business running during Covid-19.

43% of online MSME reported that Facebook is viable tool to communicate with customers.

Source: MSMEs and Digital Tool Use amidt the Covid-19 Pandmic, Cambodia Country brief, DAI and Mete, 2021

Digital Economy within ASEAN

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Source៖​ e-conomy SEA 2022

The Volume of Digital Economy in Southeast Asia

YoY ('21-'22) :
16% 115% 20% 9%
CAGR ('22-'25) :
17% 37% 20% 15%

Source: Bain Analysis

The Digital Economy Growth in Southeast Asia

Source: e-conomy 2021